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Buyer Beware

The Tourism Authority of Thailand receives over 1,000 complaints a year about fake jewelry purchases. To avoid being a statistic, you must stay alert to the warning signs of a swindle at work. Heeding our warning could help you stave off unpleasent surprises and make your vacation what it should be - full of sparkle.

The following are valuable pointers for your protection:

  • Be wary of any encounter that ends up requiring your presence in a gem shop. Most probably it is a scam. 
  • Buying gems or jewelry to resell at double or triple the purchase prices is an impossible proposition under any circumstances. Buy jewelry only for personal satisfaction for your own use or for loved ones. 
  • Make price comparisons in various shops before deciding to buy. Never be in a hurry. 
  • Never mail sapphires or other precious stones. Carry valuable items with you. 
  • Do not believe special (jewelry) sales of any kind. Reputable dealers hardly ever offer sales and never send touts to lure tourists to their stores. 
  • There are no promotions, shows or special sales on jewelry authorized by the government or any official agencies at any time of the year. 
  • The government does not own, operate, subsidize, or authorize any jewelry stores. 
  • As far as you can, take time to verify all claims. Words, promises, personal guarantees, unchecked documents, unauthorized verbal or written statements, casual references, encounters and the like do not constitute verification. Remember, you are your own best protection. 
  • No Thai embassy, consulate or delegation abroad is bound or responsible for refunding goods that are bought in Thailand. 
When in doubt about a gem shop, check it with us at: 

Tourist Assistance Centre
Tourism Authority of Thailand 
Le Concorde Building
202 Ratchadapisek Road
Bangkok 10310
Tel: (02) 694-1222 ext. 1090-1094

Buyer Beware
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