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Spa treatments are now such a rage that it’s easy to forget that, as recently as six years ago, there was no spa facility in Thailand. Soon after the opening of Banyan Tree Spa Phuket in 1993, Thailand started to gain a reputation as a new spa destination.

The country now has five spas that are attracting new groups of visitors, some of whom plan their trips as pure spa vacations. All five spas have integrated traditional healing into their programs.

Banyan Tree Spa Phuket

The first luxury, non-clinical garden spa in Southeast Asia, the Banyan Tree Spa attracts spa aficionados from Asia and all over the world with its quality service and wonderful setting in one of the most beautiful corners of Phuket. 

It offers extensive therapy and treatment programs, most of them unique to the Banyan Tree brand. Its talented team of specialists created a line of aromatherapy essential oils from local plants and herbs, and these are now used at all Banyan Tree spas — in Indonesia, the Maldives and Bangkok.

Its spa cuisine is also very innovative and should banish the notion of “fat farms” from spa land forever.