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Thirty-two kilometres south from Takua Pa, and less than two hours from Phuket International Airport, Khao Lak is becoming increasingly popular with both domestic and overseas visitors. The combination of long stretches of unspoiled beach and virgin mountain wilderness make this area particularly attractive to tourists looking for a peaceful vacation in the Land of Smiles. Much of the tourist accommodation available is built in traditional Southern Thai style, with many rustic bungalows spread along the coastline.

Occupying 150 square kilometres Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park - just inland from Khao Lak Beach - was invested in 1991, and the protection this offers has saved the area from over-development. Many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna benefit from the protection offered by the park, and there are several scenic nature walks and treks that can be taken through this verdant wilderness. One of the many interesting sights in the park is Chao Pho Khao Lak Shrine. Several waterfalls can also be experienced in this park, including Saeng Thong, Lam Roo and Chong Fa. reach Khao Lak National Park take Route 4 from Takua Pa to Thai Maung and turn left between kilometre markers 56 and 57.

Pakarang Cape is a sandy beach covered with dead coral washed up on the beach during storms - thus giving the beach its name. Pine groves edge the beach making this an ideal place for camping out. From Takua Pa, take the Phetkasem Road. The cape is on the right, five kilometres down a side road. Chong Fa waterfall is also on this same route. The fall runs year round and is blissfully calm and cool, shaded by many trees.

A few kilometres from Khao Lak is Thap Lamu Port, where dive and excursion boats depart for the Similan islands. The Similans have been ranked as one of the top ten dive sites in the world and the ease with which they can be explored from Khao Lak is part of the area's growing popularity.

There are many interesting attractions:

Khao Lak , the mountain is located 25 kilometres from Amphoe Takua Pa, on Route No. 4 (Thai Mueang - Takua Pa), taking a left turn between Kilometre markers 56 and 57. Before reaching Amphoe Thai Mueang, the mountain - Khao Lak - can be seen. On the mountain, there is the Chao Pho Khao Lak Shrine. Opposite Khao Lak lies a stony beach with rocks and boulders of all sizes strewn all over the beach.

Laem Pakarang , located on the Takua Pa - Khao Lak route. Driving from Takua Pa town on Phetkasem Road, the cape will be on the right, another 5 kilometres down the side road. It is a sandy beach piled with deer coral washed up on the beach by strong waves – thus giving the beach its name. The beach is blessed with groves of pine, making it ideal for camping and relaxation.

Namtok Ton Chong Fa is located on the Takua Pa - Khao Lak route like Laem Pakarang. Driving from Takua Pa town, the waterfall will be on the left, a right turn and going for another 5 kilometres. The cascade runs all year round and the surroundings are blissfully calm and cool under the trees’ shade.

You are able to Khao Lak by 2 ways ; car and aeroplane. It is 800 kilometres for from Bangkok by car for 12 hours.Travel to Khao Lak is possible from Phuket for 2 hours in the distance of 100 and more kilometres. By plane, it takes 1 hour to Phuket , and travel further by car about one hour.

Travel times(by Taxi,bus,boat)from Khao Lak
Phuket Airport (taxi) 70 min.
Phuket Town (bus) 2-2 1/2 h.
Takua Pa (bus) 30-50 min
Khao Sok (bus) 2 h.
Surat Thani Airport (taxi) 3 h.
Ko Samui (bus,boat) 4+1+1 1/2 h.
Phang nga (bus) 1+1 h.
Krabi (bus) 1+3 h.
Ko Lanta (bus,boat) 4+2 h.
Ranong (bus) 4 h.
Chumphon (bus) 6 h.
Bangkok (787 km,bus) 1+11 h.
Thap Lamu-Similan (boat) 3-5 h.
Khuraburi-Surin Islands (boat) 4 h.

Destinations (from Khao Lak,KM 60)
To the north KM.
Chong Fah Waterfall(in N.p.) 8
Laem Pakarang (Coral Cape) 13
Bang Sak Beach 16
Nam Kaem (Ko Kho-Ferry) 26
Takua Pa (Yanyao) 30
Talad Takua Pa (Pakwib Road) 28
Khao Sok National Park (N.P.) 73
Rajjaprabha Dam (N.P.) 124
Surat Thani (H401) 187
Sri Phang Nga (N.P.) 55
Ao Koei Beach 98
Bang Baen (Laem Son N.P.) 165
Ranong (H4) 198
To the East
Lamru Waterfall (N.P.) 54
Hin Lad Waterfall (N.P.) 58
Sang Thong Waterfall 56
Sa Nang Manora Park 64
Phang Nga 64
Phang Nga Bay (Boats) 72
Ao Luk (Than Boke Khorani N.P.) 92
Krabi 132
To the south
Thap Lamu (for Similan Island) 14
Lam Pi Waterfall (N.P.) 28
Hat Chai Thale Thai (N.P.) 40
Khok Kloi (Bus Station) 51
Phang Nga Bay (Boats) 88
Phang Nga 87
Krabi 171
Phuket Airport 72
Phuket Town 106