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Karst islands in bizarre formations, and waveless, transparent blue seas make for a pleasurable journey for nature lovers. Visitors can take boat trips to explore hundreds of limestone islands dotted around the Andaman Sea.

Three remarkable archipelagos have been designated Thailand's National Marine Parks. Beaches and islands in Phangnga will never disappoint you as they all offer, not only the spectacular beauty of the landscape, but also seascapes of unparalleled variety. Phangnga is acclaimed the world over as a diving paradise.

Khao Pilai Seashore
Khao Lak
Ao Tikut
Ao Phangnga National Park
Ao Klong Son
Hat Lopareat
Laem Hat
Leam Nok Ok
Ao Hingong
Ao Sai
Bang Sak
Hat Pasai
Ao Larn
Thai Muang
Hat Tha Khao