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Wat Tham Sua, Amphoe Muang
This temple, also known as "tiger cave," is only 3 km from Krabi. The inside of this cave features tiger prints captured in stone, and is in the middle of a lush forest, with enormous, ancient trees. As well as serving as a temple, this site is also very significant archaeologically, as many artifacts have been found on the premises, including tools, pottery, and the mold for the Buddha's footprint. In addition, there are several other caves and points of interest in the surrounding hills.

How to get there: Being so close to the town makes this an easy day-trip, and there is plenty of transportation available.

Wat Klong Thom Museum, Amphoe Klong Thom
This museum, created from the finds of archaeological digs in the area, particularly at Khuan Luk Pat, is located at km 69.5 on Phetchakasem Highway, near the district office at Khlong Thom.

Although a relatively small structure, this museum has an impressive and varied collection of artifacts, dating back for thousands of years, including stone tools, stone and ceramic ornaments in animal shapes, and religious beads.

How to get there: The museum is serviced by public buses, and there are also a number of day tours that combine the museum with many of the nearby attractions.