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beerKrabi does not compare to its westerly neigbor, Phuket, in the entertainment market. There are no all night beer bars, ago-go bars or raging discos. There is more of an open air pub/restaurant feel to the nightlife.

When the sun goes down you are usually too exhausted to participate in anything except maybe a few beers, some relaxing conversation between friends and planning the next days activites.

cocktailAo Nang Beach, Koh Phi Phi and
Koh Lanta are all laid back and easy going with things usually winding up well before midnight.

Tin Tins and Carlitos
bars on Phi Phi Island are the closest thing to party pubs, but again it's pretty easy going.

The music is good and the volume is tolerable for all ears. If you are out at Railay Beach you might catch one of the many fire shows that the locals put on.

Kho HongKrabi is an action and
adventure province and that means making the most of your days here. You are not going to see, do, or experience a lot if you're nursing a hang over night after night.

PhiSo take it easy,
get together with new found friends and sit, relax in one of the many side walk cafes/restaurant/bars and watch a movie from UBC Cable, or even a video on a big screen TV.  Sip your beers or long drinks as the fiery sun sets over the Andaman Sea.