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Herbal sauna is no newcomer to Thailand.

For many centuries people
with just about any kind of affliction would visit a sauna, where herbal packs formulated just for their ailment would be added to a water heater.

The resulting steam would be absorbed both through the nose and the skin.

The heat also sweated out toxins and cleansed the pores. As recently as the beginning of this century, hundreds of these saunas existed in Thailand, but with the arrival of modern medicine, most went out of business.

But even today, home-made herbal sauna — along with a diet regimen packed with herbs
is the post-natal therapy by which Thai women, especially those living in the countryside, still swear. 

Herbs also dominated Thai women’s beauty and skincare regimens. Sour tamarind worked wonders as a body scrub, for example, while crushed turmeric would be rubbed onto the skin to keep it soft and smooth.  With the recent revival in holistic therapies, indigenous herbs are being rediscovered for their health and beauty benefits.

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